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~ Sunday, June 6, 2010

It’s 18mins past 2 midnight when I decided to blog. Well, am currently lying on the bed with my laptop on my lap listening to Yui’s. Many ideas coming into my mind but they don’t stay long. So it might be a random post with random content.

Alright, let’s start off with the happenings recently. It’ll be my 5th month here in Malacca on the 11th this month. I have to say I have pretty much adopted. When I first entered I thought “why is the time passing so slow? I want to fly!!!” and now flashing back, time does fly! I couldn’t believe I’ve actually been here for almost 5months and hey! I’ve finished almost one-third of the course! (EXCITED!!!) I’ve met people with different walks of life as well. There’s people who spent their youth working and finally saved enough money to take-up piloting. There’s those who are bonded by the Airasia as well but the numbers are distinctively small. I’ve met people far off my range of age as well which goes up to 27 or so which in turn, is a good thing as I get to share their experience.  I must say I’m sick with the humanity they possess. They could act like they were right the whole time or seem to know everything. It’s sickening! If I haven’t been exposed to Christianity since young I might have gone off limits and blow some of their heads off! Which in turn having me myself as a scapegoat. I’ve learnt not to be kind-hearted to the others as they only take benefits out of you. But of course, not all of them are the same, there are the trustworthy ones.

Moving out of my comfort zone all the way from Kuching to Melaka has widened my view towards the humans. Not trying to be arrogant or offensive but I don’t see the reason why some of them are here. There are people who deserve more to take-up piloting. It’s an honourable profession but people like them could spoil the image of pilots. There is no such thing as a free lunch. No pain, no gain. You’re not gonna ‘pop~!’ and become a pilot by not putting effort. Before I came in here I had the wrong perception that piloting was easy. All I needed to do is just fly. But I was wrong, deeply. It has the price to pay to be able to join the family of one of the top professions. But the price isn’t something normal humans can’t do – EFFORT. Yes effort! You can pray for every minute every day but you won’t be getting what you’ve been praying for by just sitting there and wait. I believe there’s Christians who have wrong idea of praying as above too. For the past few weeks, I was truly satisfied for what I’ve worked for. It’s been paid off. I still remember the first day I started flying with my instructor, I was so relaxed. Second flight onwards, it all got tensed up every time before the flight. Worrying that I might make certain mistakes. It still goes the same even for now but after each flight, walking out of the aircraft, I was contented, satisfied for I know I have put effort into it and did it well. There’s friend thinking how fun piloting is and complaining how boring and tough their studies is. I must say nothing in the world is easy. It depends how you manage it. If you really work for it, you’ll find the fun in whatever you’re doing as well.

Well, it’s been an hour already since I started. Before I end this, I want to say ‘Thank You Lord’ for HE has been blessing me more and more in each of my everyday life. HE really is an awesome God :)

P/S: Yui rocks!!!


Jane HopeInHIM said...

nice one, enjoying reading your blog, keep it up. God Bless;)